Nature's Connections

08:00 am

Lessons on how everything is connected…as we focus on Sea Lampreys…and even Thanksgiving eels!

New Britain Museum of American Art PERSPECTIVES

08:30 am

Curator and Head of Exhibitions, Lisa Williams, joins us to preview the holiday season and all that is going on at this amazing cultural asset….so many exhibits…and we dive into all the amazing art…

CT Examiner Notebook

09:00 am

Talking energy…electric cars…zoning…mental health and so much more…

And the Beats Going On

09:15 am

Bobo covers all the music you need to consider…wherever you may live…as we want to support area independent musicians…and the venues that support them!

Museum Update

09:30 am

We do a deep dive into the mission and mandate…and the fantastic exhibits and happenings at the New Haven Museum and Historical Society.

Shelter Island

10:00 am

A lot of fun with guest cohosts Woody Comstock, lover of the outdoors, area charities, and our history…and Dan Frame of Westbrook’s Kiwi Roots Farm promise to offer great conversation and CRV celebration!


11:30 am

Frank and Marty update us on the Tours and off-season play…plus some forecasting for the upcoming season….

Talking Jazz with Ken

12:00 pm

Ken serves up stories and cuts from the world renowned musicians playing this weekend at Old Lyme’s Side Door…today a chat with Richard Baratta LIVE!!!

ZOONAMI: Adventures from Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo!

01:00 pm

We journey…with staff and students…to Yellowstone…and better understand the learnings and experiences of the Zoo’s Conservation Discovery Corps and its trip to the most amazing national park…

Nature Folk: Wildlife or Wild Myth?

02:00 pm

The Last Gray Wolf in Connecticut … continues…

REALIZING WELLNESS powered by Organic Fitness Solutions

03:00 pm

Coach Bryan assembles an amazing roundtable of fitness and nutrition authorities as we all try to get through the holiday season without giving up our wellness routines…hear these great tips on managing the holidays while keeping your wellness!

UNLOCKING KATE'S VAULT: Stories from the Katharine Hepburn Museum

03:45 pm

It is just one item…a letter to Santa…but the stories we unpack attached to it…soooo fantastic…join us!

Antiques Trail

04:00 pm

David spends some time talking trends in the antiques space with Tom Perry…of One of a Kind Antiques…

Antiques Trail

04:30 pm

From the “Vault”…a classic episode with noted antiques specialists…

Myths and Legends

05:00 pm

Professor Gencarella and Faye Ringel…much celebrated folklorists and authors…share the stage for a SUPERLATIVE Myths and Legends program!

Talking Jazz with Ken

06:00 pm

Ken serves up stories and cuts from the world renowned musicians playing this weekend at Old Lyme’s Side Door…

Archaeology of Connecticut

07:00 pm

Exploring the theories and findings from one of the oldest “dwellings” found in CT…dating back 3,700 years!

Archaeology of Connecticut

08:00 pm


Connecticut River Drift

09:00 pm

Wick Griswold is remembered as he shares the amazing story of the Colt family history that few people truly know….