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911:411 Emergency Information

Because the best community is an informed community, we bring in area leaders in fire and fire the police department...for tips on the latest threats to our safety.

A Cappella!

You just will not believe what unaccompanied voices from impassioned performers can do...we celebrate the art form that is A Cappella!

All Things Real Estate

Find out what neighborhoods are hot and what are not...and how to get the most out of home living in the CRV!

And The Beat Goes On...

The landscape has changed...perhaps forever...but the creative energy and artistry from inspiring musicians...near and far...goes on...and host Bobo Lavorgna celebrates it in every episode...

And the Beats Going On

Bobo Lavorgna runs down the music events and concerts you need to know about as you shape your plans...

Antiques Trail

Whether it is a category of antiques or the dealers and auctioneers who bring them to light, we showcase this art form and the stories it celebrates.

APB in the CRV

CT is a target-rich environment for scammers and other threats to our safety. . Join Clinton PD Chief DeMaio for insights on how we can protect ourselves.

Archaeology of Connecticut

Celebrate Connecticut's rich archaeological heritage. Go on a journey...enjoy the sharing of perspective from noted authorities covering specific periods, sites, finds, and the art of unearthing relics to help tell, or shape, a story. Anchored by the state archaeologist, this program is powered by the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology.

Arts Update

We get the latest on what is happening with the arts scene in our area...listen in and support the arts!

BEHIND THE LINE with Colt Taylor

Every aspect of getting the best out of the ground or off the trees and onto your plate is celebrated by Michelin-star winning area chef and restaurateur Colt Taylor and guests....

Bushy Hill Trail Tales

From identifying animals and plants to learning about habitats, conservation, and outdoor discovery and camp skills, the team from Bushy Hill shares their love and expertise for all things outdoors.

Captain Morgan Fishing Report

We call him...the A “Fish”i-onado...he gives us the latest so we can enjoy all things on, near, and in our waters...Captain Morgan.


A radio drama chronicling the centuries-long journey, pivotal events, and influential figures in the exploration and settlement of the Connecticut River Valley.

Connecticut Curators

This series is all about the the people charged with preserving the stories, venues, artifacts and collections that make up our cultural footprint. We celebrate them...and the journeys they take us on!!!


Covering everything from the professional tours to the college and junior golf scene...and especially the courses and great tee-to-clubhouse experiences for players of all handicaps...Connecticut Flagstick celebrates golf in CT.

Connecticut River Drift

The current of conversation takes us many places as we celebrate the Connecticut River watershed past…and present.

Connecticut Road Trip

Some times we need a change of scenery just to exhale and entertain...and we have a few to consider...

Creative Capital

Celebrating the culture scene in the Connecticut River Valley, host Robin Andreoli shares perspective and playlists from artists you need to know about!

Cross-Atlantic Comedy

Perspectives on what makes us the present...and some of the classics...from two continents...join us and music/comedy icon Steven Blacknell...

CRV Potpourri

Calendar updates, features, and things you need to hear and share...

CRV Vibes

Live music from our performance area at 108 Main part of the studio audience or tune us in...

CT Audubon Monthly

The Connecticut Audubon Society conserves Connecticut’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and habitats, and this program serves as a monthly update celebrating our great natural assets!

CT Melting Pot

While many people often associate big cities outside of Connecticut as being melting pots, there are so many cultures celebrated in our many...we created a program to honor them!

DAT Show

DAT is Doing Amazing this is a show dedicated to the non-profits and volunteers doing such inspiring and incredible work in Connecticut...

Deep River Horseshoes

The ultimate community celebration, the Deep River Horseshoes League is the oldest league in the state and is now in its 65th season. Joseph Heery drops by to share how the women and men...the 20-somethings and the 80-somethings are doing...

Destination: Off Grid

Especially now, many are wondering how they can be more in control of important food and water, power, shelter, and connectivity. Join us as we serve up some ideas for your consideration!!!

Event Spotlight

We put the focus on an upcoming event you may want to pencil into your planner!

Farm Focus

So critical to our area...the economy...and our health...get the details!

Feeling Good

Feel Good Fridays put a spotlight on the power of partnership...and good people doing great things, powered by the Community Foundation of Middlesex County!


We honor the science and the stories behind some of the better…and lesser known adult beverages. Enjoy the journey across the palate…and through the centuries!

Florence Griswold Museum Update

The home of American Impressionism comes alive through great conversations, stories, and updates on all that is happening on the campus of this amazing cultural asset....

Garden Groove

A soothing conversation on all things that grow...and advice for the novices...the seasoned gardener...and all of those in between.

Gardening for Good

So much to learn and enjoy regarding our gardens...and Judy Preston shares ways we can work in the dirt without negative we can nurture and enjoy our gardens without harsh repercussion. From tips and techniques to trends and growing towards sustainability...Gardening for Good is the resource for you!

Graveyard Shift

Our cemeteries have so much history and memories...and we try and bring them to the Graveyard Shift!

Hair of the Dog

An academic approach to alcohol and the role of the adult beverage in our culture.

Historical Society Update

These are such great parts of our communities..and we turn up the volume on their important work...and great events!

iCrave Sports Talk

Covering what is happening in our region...our state...and in the big leagues, iCrave Sports Talk serves up the stories and perspective sports fans will love.

iCRV Playlist

Showcasing artists playing in and around the CRV...

Journeying through Music

The world of folk music..the echoes of fifes and drums..the music of the sea...all celebrated here as we use the music as a portal through which we travel to centuries past...

Kate Calendar

So much going on at the Kate, we need the Executive Director to break it all down for us...

Kitchen Outlaws

From recipes to cooking and shopping tips...local favorites to family staples, these two ladies are able to "steal" time to flex their passion and creativity in the kitchen...they are...the Kitchen Outlaws!!!

Lectures and Learning

Experts share their knowledge and passion...listen in...

Library Chat

From recommended reads to events and activities hosted at these incredible venues, join the ladies of the library for a little conversation and a lot of fun!

Meet the Artist

We get inside the minds and the heart of area and visiting fascinating...

Meet the Expert

Topics vary...but the value does not...get insights from people who know!

Memory Lane, CRV

In an effort to preserve the stories of childhoods gone by, members of our community share their recollections...of the town, the activities, area businesses, and everyday life in the CRV of old...

Museum Update

We cover the broader culture scene by getting to know the new and permanent exhibits, attractions, and curricula at nearby museums.

Muster Radio

The fife and drum corps are an integral part of our history, and they come alive in our parades and celebrations..and on iCRV Radio!

Myths and Legends

Understand what is fact or fiction; learn from the reasons why a story was started or propagated…or just sit back and enjoy the tale!

Nature Folk: Wildlife or Wild Myth?

Naturalist Ranger Russ from Meigs Point Nature Center teams up with noted folklorist Professor Stephen Gencarella from UMass/Amherst to share perspective on the creatures and characters that might have been part of our natural world centuries ago....and the stories attached to them!

Nature with Ranger Russ

Learn how best we can enjoy the natural wonders in our area...including our furry and feathered friends!!!

Nature's Connections

After 43 years of service at DEEP, biologist Steve Gephard explores the region's fish, watersheds, and landscapes...

New Britain Museum of American Art PERSPECTIVES

From lecturers to directors, curators, docents, and artists...we grow our appreciation and love for this amazing cultural asset...right here in our own back yard!!!

Noah Webster's WORDS

A tribute to the framer of how Americans embraced and applied the English language, this program is a "tip of the cap" to the one many refer to as the "Father of American Scholarship and Education." Join us for the Word of the Week and other fun!

Now Showing

We get a behind-the-curtain look at some of the great productions coming to our area...have to listen in!!!

Pathways to Good Health

Healthy you...inside and out...

Points of Interest

Insights and intrigue..past and present...all showcased by someone who so loves where we live!

Road Sign Stories

Want to go on a journey? Go to a different time and understand what might have been going on in our state and communities? Well you don't have to go far....we can go on a journey just by understanding how our streets and thoroughfares got their names!

Shelter Island

It is not a is an attitude...being able to enjoy CRV living without the mayhem of mainstream media!

Talking Jazz with Ken

Right here in our own back renowned musicians come to play...and we showcase them...and chat with them...oh your toe tapping?

Taste Buds: Cocktails vs. Cuisine!

In one corner our resident mixologist Mark the other chef extraordinaire Chris Cole. Join us as our hosts share story and approach in a battle using similar seasonal ingredients in drink and we judge who has the better result!

The Mix

Mark Griswold earned the distinction of being "Professor of Mixology" on iCRV he mixes it up in a different way, riffing on the week's happenings on iCRV with a splash of history, trivia, and cocktail lore!

The Monthly Scene with Phil Rosenthal

He was in the Seldom he comes to our studio monthly to share craft, passion and bluegrass!

The Parent Project

Looking for answers? Our panel is here to help!

The Week that Was

We know the days can get by this program is here to help you catch up with the programs, insights, and perspective served up on iCRV The Week that Was!

Town Spotlight

Insights and perspective from area leaders on a specific CRV town or village...

Trivia iCRV Style

Fun..laughs..and “did you know” tests...all from programs on iCRV...listen in and win a prize if you can!!!

Valley Railroad Radio

Hear the passion..the stories...and the incredible service the Essex Steam Train brings to our part of it on VRR!

ZOONAMI: Adventures from Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo!

Learning adventures happen with every episode, as we better understand the animals, the habitats, and the challenges that face the natural world by visiting with the specialists, educators and volunteers at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo.