Talking Jazz with Ken

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Sometimes we get intimidated because we may not know enough to enjoy certain types of experiences....jazz is one of those things we think...whene people may not be well versed in the nuance of this art form....  Enter Ken Kitchings...who just asks one question" "Is your toe tapping?" That is really all you need to know...but as we talk jazz with Ken he teaches us more...and lets us in on why these artists coming to the Side Door Jazz Club are so special...tune in and be part of the fun!

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This obsession with controlling what people wear to the club is getting out of hand. Granted we don't want to see guys in cutoffs, but live and let live. I collect golf shirts from my favorite courses like Tamarack and Waterbury. I fulfill my collector addiction and have something to wear that fits the environment.

Stephen Umbridge - October 22, 2020

I hear my grandkids say simp all the time now and it basically describes these guys that give money to the trashy streamer girls

Sandy Dowda - August 19, 2020