DAT Show

DAT is Doing Amazing Things...so this is a show dedicated to the non-profits and volunteers doing such inspiring and incredible work in Connecticut...

The organizations, leaders, and volunteers Doing Amazing Things is what DAT Show is all about! From area non-profits helping address challenges from homelessness and hunger to civic organizations like Rotary and Lions, DAT Show turns up the volume on the issues that plague community members…but just may not be seen in your everyday. The program encourages neighbor to help neighbor and helps steer you in the right direction should you know someone that needs help…or if you, too, want to pitch in!



We will not say how long she has been in Connecticut...but as a mother...as a foster care advocate...as a journey woman...she knows so much about our state...its attractions, towns, and stories...and shares in all of her shows and hosting efforts on iCRV Radio.

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