CT Melting Pot

While many people often associate big cities outside of Connecticut as being melting pots, there are so many cultures celebrated in our state...so many...we created a program to honor them!

There are so many cultures represented in our state…so many that the West Hartford school system recognizes over seventy languages…and we know because of all the historical programming we air that foreign lands made Connecticut…from the beginning for sure…but throughout the state’s arc.  And that continues to be the case…so we created a program so we can all appreciate the cultures that are woven into the past and present (and future) fabric of Connecticut.



We will not say how long she has been in Connecticut...but as a mother...as a foster care advocate...as a journey woman...she knows so much about our state...its attractions, towns, and stories...and shares in all of her shows and hosting efforts on iCRV Radio.

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