Bushy Hill Trail Tales

From identifying animals and plants to learning about habitats, conservation, and outdoor discovery and camp skills, the team from Bushy Hill and the Steward Outdoor Day School shares their love and expertise for all things outdoors.

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From preparing to go on the trail…enjoying the hike…sharing the natural wonders…being a good naturalist or conservationist…Bushy Hill Trail Tales allows the experienced and the novice to better appreciate the natural assets we are so lucky to have in the CRV.  Be part of the discovery…and learn how to “make the camp site looking better than the way we found it!”


Jen Malaguti

Jen Malaguti has been a part of Incarnation Center for 25 years. She has been a camper, a staff member, the Bushy Hill Nature Center Director, and now is the founder, director, and lead teacher of the Steward Outdoor Day School. She has always loved being in nature and sharing her knowledge of the natural world with everyone! In her free time she enjoys kayaking and exploring the forests with her children.

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