Archaeology of Connecticut

Celebrate Connecticut's rich archaeological heritage. Go on a journey...enjoy the sharing of perspective from noted authorities covering specific periods, sites, finds, and the art of unearthing relics to help tell, or shape, a story. Anchored by the state archaeologist, this program is powered by the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology.

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Experts in the field will join the program each month for a lively discussion of topics ranging from the Ice Age settlement of Connecticut over 12,000 years ago to Cold War-era Nike Missile site ruins. What was it like to live in the Ice Age? When did deer hunting become the focus of the economy?  When did the first permanent villages develop and when were some individuals able to achieve a higher social rank than others? How did the arrival of Europeans affect the Native world? What was life like for English settlers in the 1600s? How did Connecticut’s geography define its industrial future? Join us to answer these and many other questions in the months to come!


Scott Brady

Scott was the former President of the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology and helps with the hosting of Archaeology of Connecticut on iCRV Radio.

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Sarah Sportman

Sarah is currently serving as our State Archaeologist and shares her love for the field, the lab, and the classroom in each monthly episode...

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