Antiques Trail

Whether it is a category of antiques or the dealers and auctioneers who bring them to light, we showcase this art form and the stories it celebrates.

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Host David Perrelli brings in noted specialists in every aspect of the antiques world, from furniture to mochaware. Find out what is hot and what is not…understand the art of collecting…take a centuries long journey and live the past through amazing and storied keepsakes.

Whether from an auction…or from a specialized collector, Antiques Trail showcases the stories behind the items that people value and want to hold onto… We all have varied tastes and what may be of limited value to some may be a true find for others…well we celebrate that with each episode — a perfect primer for new and seasoned collector alike…


David Perrelli

David has been in the antiques space for most of his adult life and is a noted authority on so many pieces of the antiques world...visit his amazing shop at 2 Main Street in Essex, Old Beautiful Antiques and Art.

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