911:411 Emergency Information

Because the best community is an informed community, we bring in area leaders in fire and fire safety...plus the police department...for tips on the latest threats to our safety.

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Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes…but the bottom line is when we perceive a threat to our safety in the CRV, all we have to do is dial 911 and assistance is on the way.

But have you ever thought about what is behind the response…what powers it…the processes, the technology, the selfless passion of women and men to help, the volunteers? The 911 call puts into motion a response that is capable of giving us the help we need and protecting the respondents, the neighbors, our communities from further threat, and offering the victims the best chance of survival and contained damage or injury.

Because the best community is an informed community, iCRV Radio is proud to welcome hosts John Planas, Fire Marshal for Essex and Guilford firefighter, and Sgt. Martina Jakober of the Guilford Police Department.


John Planas

John has a passion for safety in our communities, and he has served in the emergency services space for decades. He presently is the Fire Marshal for Essex and a firefighter/emt specialist/drone operator for the Guilford Fire Department.

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Martina Jakober

Sgt. Jakober serves with the Guilford Police Department and shares with us her passion for safety...and protection from threats that can haunt our communities.

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