911:411 Emergency Information

Program Description

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes…but the bottom line is when we perceive a threat to our safety in the CRV, all we have to do is dial 911 and assistance is on the way.

But have you ever thought about what is behind the response…what powers it…the processes, the technology, the selfless passion of women and men to help, the volunteers? The 911 call puts into motion a response that is capable of giving us the help we need and protecting the respondents, the neighbors, our communities from further threat, and offering the victims the best chance of survival and contained damage or injury.

Because the best community is an informed community, iCRV Radio is proud to welcome hosts John Planas, Fire Marshal for Essex and Guilford firefighter, and Sgt. Martina Jakober of the Guilford Police Department.

A Cappella!

Program Description

Whether from a college…a organized association…A Cappella! celebrates the incredible art form of unaccompanied voices coming together to create a greater and more moving sound than the sum of its parts! It is just amazing what can be done with music leadership and great orchestrations. Join us as we take you back to college campuses or concert halls…enjoy the grooving and moving vibes of the young…and young at heart doing what they love!

All Things Real Estate

Program Description

Home life is one of the things we all value most, but sometimes we can use a little help managing, selling, investing, planning what could be the greatest asset — our homes.  Each program, Maureen and John O’Grady, who have covered every part of the Connecticut River Valley, take time away from their busy practice to serve up some tips for us all.  Join the roundtable as we hear from guests ranging from town planners to engineers to property attorneys and more…send in your questions…listen for “must-see open houses” and be part of the conversation!

And The Beat Goes On...

Program Description

In each episode of And the Beat Goes on, host Bobo Lavorgna explores the motivation, creative approach, and personal journeys of artists you might want to check out…plus he showcases their music and dives deep into their artistic expression. More than just an interview program with music, this series is dedicated to independent musicians…from all over (Connecticut and beyond)…who need to be heard — not just their music, but the message behind the music and the inspiration for it all.

Share the experiences and maybe learn about an artist that really connects with you…each week on iCRV Radio.

And the Beats Going On

Program Description

Bobo shares a list of concerts, events, venues and general updates from the independent music scene…learn of the artists you may like…and the venues so important in the support of independent music all around our state…

Each week Bobo truly covers the state (he even gives you some driving and parking recommendations) as he really wants to serve up a wide selection of artists, genres, and venue locations so that you, too, can appreciate how accessible great music is in our state. Hear his “pick of the week”…and be sure to hear the personal stories Bobo shares…as a touring musician for decades!

Antiques Trail

Program Description

Host David Perrelli brings in noted specialists in every aspect of the antiques world, from furniture to mochaware. Find out what is hot and what is not…understand the art of collecting…take a centuries long journey and live the past through amazing and storied keepsakes.

Whether from an auction…or from a specialized collector, Antiques Trail showcases the stories behind the items that people value and want to hold onto… We all have varied tastes and what may be of limited value to some may be a true find for others…well we celebrate that with each episode — a perfect primer for new and seasoned collector alike…

APB in the CRV

Program Description

We get insights into what the top threats to our safety are…what is trending and how we can protect ourselves. This is the information you need to know before a threat hits your doorstep…as the time to act…is before it happens! As lovely and serene as our part of New England is, there are so many threats to our safety…from physical harm to cyber scams…and the Chief covers them all.

From the realities of our physical communities — drug and alcohol issues, school threats…and our roadways — to the digital world — scams on phones and computers that prey on the vulnerable — the Chief is committed to getting the information out…

Archaeology of Connecticut

Program Description

Experts in the field will join the program each month for a lively discussion of topics ranging from the Ice Age settlement of Connecticut over 12,000 years ago to Cold War-era Nike Missile site ruins. What was it like to live in the Ice Age? When did deer hunting become the focus of the economy?  When did the first permanent villages develop and when were some individuals able to achieve a higher social rank than others? How did the arrival of Europeans affect the Native world? What was life like for English settlers in the 1600s? How did Connecticut’s geography define its industrial future? Join us to answer these and many other questions in the months to come!

Arts Update

Program Description

Connecticut’s arts scene is rich and vibrant, from amazing ballet to experimental theater, movies, and more, and we try and turn up the volume on the artists and the venues committed to enriching our lives.

From the year-long Arts Pass…to check-ins with some of the iconic arts venues in the state…to the amazing galleries that are nestled in our towns and villages throughout the River Valley, we encourage you to be part of it….


Program Description

Powered by GoMo Health’s proprietary BehavioralRx methodologies, Braintraining is designed for informational purposes for our listeners…so they can learn more about the exercises and findings that are helping tens of thousands of patients and care givers address challenges…from memory loss to substance abuse, physical performance, and so much more.

The radio series breaks down the BehavioralRx brain fitness “special sauce” and makes it available to a broader audience. The series combines relatable care stories with perspective from noted international health authorities and simple teaching segments to help listeners learn how their own brain could become “more fit” and help them overcome their own daily challenges as they assume a healthier profile…that is the mission of Braintraining.

Bushy Hill Trail Tales

Program Description

From preparing to go on the trail…enjoying the hike…sharing the natural wonders…being a good naturalist or conservationist…Bushy Hill Trail Tales allows the experienced and the novice to better appreciate the natural assets we are so lucky to have in the CRV.  Be part of the discovery…and learn how to “make the camp site looking better than the way we found it!”

Captain Morgan Fishing Report

Program Description

From water tempertaure to top three places to look for fishing action, this update is a staple for all those loving being out on the water. Each episode, Captain Morgan from Captain Morgan’s Bait and Tackle in Madison joins us with his 411 on great ways to enjoy area waters…safety first…and enjoyment always, whether we catch something or not.  Get the latest…and you might also hear a great fish tale as well…be part of the fun….

Connecticut Curators

Program Description

Do you realize there are hundreds of museums across our state…museums in so many different areas of concentration…all dedicated to preserving stories and celebrating our journey, respecting those that came before us. This series tries to focus on these venues by putting a spotlight on those charged with overseeing them…not just the museums we all know…but the ones a short drive away that you do not know…as they need to be celebrated as well.

Connecticut Curators is all about the the people charged with preserving the stories, venues, artifacts and collections that make up our cultural footprint. We celebrate them…and the journeys they take us on!!!


Program Description

Covering the courses, the experiences, the headlines, the entire golf scene in our state, Connecticut Flagstick is the ultimate resource for anyone who loves or enjoys golf.  Hosted by PGA Professional and former St. John’s University golf coach Frank Darby, the “Flagstick” is all about the intrigue and nuance on the pro tours…the growth and opportunity on the regional/college/and junior level…and the fun and exhale on the recreational and hobby level. Listen in for contests and give-aways…and enjoy!

Connecticut Road Trip

Program Description

Some times we need a change of scenery just to exhale and re-charge…to inspire…to entertain…and in each installment we serve up some ideas that will not tax the wallet or the gas tank.

From scenic get-aways to specific destinations worthy of exploration, CT Road Trip offers ideas for an afternoon…or suggestions maybe more appropriate for a “stay-cation”/weekend jaunt. Whatever the motivation, you can find it within a stone’s throw of your own driveway!

Cross-Atlantic Comedy

Program Description

Music icon/TV Presenter Steve Blacknell joins us from outside London as we serve up new and classic gags from both sides of the Atlantic, offering you just a little bit of a chuckle and a break from whatever might be bothering you! From the greats like Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, and Billy Connolly on one side of the Atlantic…to George Carlin, Steven Wright, and Robin Williams on the other…classic gags are celebrated, plus we talk new jokes, “joke traveling” and so much more. Join us…is good for the soul!

CRV Potpourri

Program Description

From area residents…to local merchants…interesting tidbits we just might find useful, CRV Potpourri has no well defined mission other to inform and advance getting people active in our special part of New England…be part of the conversation…and send in any story ideas or info we should share!

CRV Vibes

Program Description

Whether they are coming through the CRV or coming out of our area on their way to bigger things…or just darn popular up and down the River or the Shoreline…we invite area artists into our performance area and do LIVE samplings so you can find some talent to follow and support.  Covering all genres, we handle classical to spoken word…as the mission is not about a type of art…but just art.  Be part of it…and if you want to play…or know someone we should showcase…please send us a note!

CT Audubon Monthly

Program Description

The Connecticut Audubon Society conserves Connecticut’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and habitats, and this program serves as a monthly update celebrating our great natural assets!

With each visit, Executive Director of Ct Audubon, Patrick Comins, tours the sanctuaries and nature centers he helps oversee, shares educational opportunities, tells of latest “sightings”, endangered species updates, and emphasizes how it is always migratory season in Connecticut. Be part of this birder guidebook, each month on iCRV Radio.

CT Examiner Notebook

Program Description

iCRV Radio does not do news but we know the people who do it right…the Connecticut Examiner covers the state and shares the hot topics. We are so lucky to have them on the lookout for us, as…if it is happening in any town…it may be contemplated in your town soon…so listen in!

From high-speed rail, zoning issues across the state, toxic waste issues, third-party energy, school system issues, Hartford alerts…and more…CT Examiner is on it. With reporters covering the state and also covering our elected officials in Washington, the CT Examiner Notebook offers coverage from the local to the Federal realities…..

DAT Show

Program Description

The organizations, leaders, and volunteers Doing Amazing Things is what DAT Show is all about! From area non-profits helping address challenges from homelessness and hunger to civic organizations like Rotary and Lions, DAT Show turns up the volume on the issues that plague community members…but just may not be seen in your everyday. The program encourages neighbor to help neighbor and helps steer you in the right direction should you know someone that needs help…or if you, too, want to pitch in!

Deep River Horseshoes

Program Description

The ultimate community celebration, the Deep River Horseshoes League is the oldest league in the state and is now in its 68th season. Joseph Heery drops by to share how the women and men…the 20-somethings and the 80-somethings are doing…

We have tried it ourselves…by playing against some of these League players…and boy are they good…and this is a far more serious sport than what you might remember from picnics and field days of years gone by. Get to know the sport…get to know the competition…and join in the fun on the Deep River Town Green Thursdays…

Do You Know?

Program Description

Former town historian and first selectman of Killingworth, Dave LeVasseur loves our collective arc…our history…especially when it comes to little known people and events that really made an impact but may have gone unappreciated…he is an avid student and teacher of our conflicts from centuries ago, as they defined the American character and shaped our today. Journey with us…as Dave and his guests ask…Do You Know….??????

Event Spotlight

Program Description

From parades and festivals to openings and great entertainment…check these suggestions out!!! Event Spotlight helps get the word out on some of the happenings you normally may not hear about…worthy of a bit of a drive. From towns that host a true Scottish Highland-themed competition…to dog fairs, garden tours and so much more…. If you are looking for something different…or want to promote your event with us…let us know…

Farm Focus

Program Description

Getting the best off the trees and out of the ground and onto our plates is what area farmers are all about.  Get to know them…get to know their passion…their family commitment and history.  Understand some of the techniques..the hard work…the planning and bandwidth that goes into getting the best for us to enjoy…and learn about the farmers markets where we can eyeball and support these great friends…


Program Description

“Professor” Mark Griswold attacks mixology with his biochemist background…add to that insights from “palate panel members” sharing myths and legends and even concoction ingredients and variations …this program has it all.  You will get recipes…a little history lesson…an understanding as to what is at work as tastes and ingredients are applied to various processes…producing a product with a great social and economic ripple effect…which is celebrated as well!

Florence Griswold Museum Update

Program Description

The home of American Impressionism comes alive through great conversations, stories, and updates on all that is happening on the campus of this amazing cultural asset….

From Art Bars to camps for kids…updates from the gardens, Cafe Flo, the artist trail…we have it all. Plus, we go inside..the permanent collection, including new additions, the touring exhibits, the lectures…all covered in each episode. PLUS…listeners have come to love “Storytime” where we dust off a memory from the Boarding House or early 1900s Old Lyme and celebrate it!

Listen in…visit…become a member…this is a special place!

Gardening for Good

Program Description

So much to learn and enjoy regarding our gardens…and Judy Preston shares ways we can work in the dirt without negative impact…how we can nurture and enjoy our gardens without harsh repercussion. From tips on techniques and trends to deep dives into topics like sustainability…Gardening for Good is the resource for you!

Hair of the Dog

Program Description

Here is how you can get to the Hair of the Dog Course Myths, legends, intrigue…all attached to the role of the adult beverage in the human journey… This is a series that is actually used in a course at UMass/Amherst…the fifteen-plus lectures journeys to foreign lands…goes back centuries…speaks to the process of making these beverages, the social acceptance/landscape that led to their growth, and the stories and legends left in their wake…. Cheers!

Historical Society Update

Program Description

We try and cover all the area historical societies…listen in and support them…and enjoy learning about our wonderful past….

From Avon to Windsor…from the palisade found in Wethersfield to the Amistad archive material in Farmington, this series tries to raise the attention of the collections available to us…and the importance to preserve them and support these amazing cultural assets.

iCRV Playlist

Program Description

Wall-to-wall sound from artists playing in CT…trying to break through the clutter…as we support independent musicians and try and connect you with music that matters….

From Tiny Ocean to Kerri Powers…Joe Holt to Joe Flood… Shelley Valaskus Experience to Michael Cleary Band…and the list goes on…we try and celebrate the great music coming out of our area in these playlists…in hopes you might want to find or follow them…and check out their local gigs!

If These Walls Could Talk

Program Description

A look into our history by getting a deep dive into the stories our historic homes and buildings can tell…from the original owner and architect to what the natural and social landscape was like when these buildings were built.

Get to know the stories uncovered in these homes — how they were built and at what expense, how they were laid out, the fireplaces, kitchens, gardens…and then better understand how the families lived in them…and how they earned their keep. From merchants to pig farmers, we celebrate them all.

And we also celebrate the owners of these homes today and better understand their passion and dedication as they take on the role of steward of the stories within their four walls!

Kate Calendar

Program Description

From concerts to opera to comedy to movies and so much more, the Kate offers so much variety…all of it inspiring and growing the CRV.  Each week, the Executive Director joins us to break it all down…and give you a little advance notice on some of the performances that will sellout quickly…so get the lowdown from one of the great venues in our area…every week on iCRV Radio.

Plus…we get an update on the Kate’s Museum, which has great exhibits and lectures/talks and is yet another reason to support and visit 300 Main Street in Old Saybrook.

LEAF PEOPLE presented by Horsepower Cigar Lounge

Program Description

It seems easy…as there are only three parts to a cigar…but there is history…craftsmanship…global economy…and so much more involved. Whether you are a novice or a tobacco journeyman…travel with us and explore…Leaf People!

Library Chat

Program Description

We celebrate the pivot libraries have made in our area…from being a resource for the written word…to now being a resource for the entire community — everything from dvd’s and cd’s and internet access…to great books, lectures, activities, clubs…and the list goes on.  We try and keep you updated and motivated to check these venues out…join us for recommended reads and so much more…

Meet the Artist

Program Description

From the canvas to stone work to music…hearing of the creative process is fascinating…and this series offers the stories of artists that surround us everyday. From the local galleries to the local parks or gardens, our towns and villages display great artistry everywhere….but we may let our busy day get in the way of taking it all in…we try to slow things down and focus on the craft and the beauty….

Meet the Expert

Program Description

As a way of introducing community members to some folks doing cool things they might find interesting and of value, this series covers a variety of topics all intended to help listeners get some questions answered…or at least learn of where they can steer their inquiries…it is all about  building community by sharing a bit of knowledge…the best kind of knowledge…you know…local knowledge!

Memory Lane, CRV

Program Description

In an effort to preserve the stories of childhoods gone by, members of our community share their recollections…of the town, the activities, area businesses, and everyday life in the CRV of old…

Where did you hang out as a kid…what was your first camp experience…what was your first job…remember the milk deliveryman…remember the cost of a movie…the first date (where did you go)…the first car…war experiences…hear them all…the physical homes and buildings may not be there , but we can keep the stories alive.

Museum Update

Program Description

From right in our own backyard in New Britain, New Haven or New London…to destinations a bit farther…we meet the people in charge of the exhibits, lectures, and workshops that keep our area rich in culture…

There are hundreds of museums in our state. We all know the big ones…but there are also ones that are smaller, that may just be about clocks and watches or rail or radio…well this program is for both types of museums, as we want to make sure nationally renowned exhibits get seen…and national/international stories of our arc are preserved. Tune in…and journey with us!

Muster Radio

Program Description

There are few things that convery more passion and history than fife and drum music.  We celebrate the events that honor this great tradition…along with the generations of participants wanting to keep this art form alive.  We so appreciate all the corps and want to get to know them…and the vital role they play in connecting us with our textured past…

Myths and Legends

Program Description

Understand what is fact or fiction; learn from the reasons why a story was started or propagated…or just sit back and enjoy the tale! From Captain Kidd to the Leatherman…the Moodus Noises to Israel Putnam…the Frog War of 1754 to Devil’s Hopyard…plus witches and tall tales…all of this is/was part of our social landscape but how did these stories become popular…what influences re-shaped the story…how did these stories come back after decades of quiet…all of this is what this series is all about….

Nature Folk: Wildlife or Wild Myth?

Program Description

Naturalist Ranger Russ from Meigs Point Nature Center teams up with noted folklorist Professor Stephen Gencarella from UMass/Amherst to share perspective on the creatures and characters that might have been part of our natural world centuries ago….and the stories attached to them!

What is a Whapperknocker? What are the truths about the last gray wolf in Connecticut…how about that frog war in Windham…we dissect the story and share from both the nature side and the folklore side what might be true…and where the fantastical may take over…and why!

Nature with Ranger Russ

Program Description

Taking over the mic on his day off, Ranger Russ from the Meigs Point Nature Center at the Hammonasset Beach State Park comes in to offer insights on how we can truly enjoy..protect..and help our neighbor creatures and area landscape.  Guests come in to talk about environmental protection…re-nesting birds of prey…photographing animals…volunteering…native gardens and so much more.

Nature's Connections

Program Description

With a focus on the migratory fish populations…but also on trails, wildlife, and forestry…this program tries to serve up the information that might help residents get more involved in our incredible natural surroundings.  In each installment, Steve Gephard demonstrates how things are connected in the natural world and why we need to care about the ripple effect that can happen when a natural event occurs…or a species becomes endangered…or climates warm up….

New Britain Museum of American Art PERSPECTIVES

Program Description

From lecturers, events, and new exhibits to directors, curators, docents, and artists…we grow our appreciation and love for this amazing cultural asset…right here in our own back yard!!!

From the exhibits that are part of the permanent collection, like one of only two Shaker exhibits in the entire country, to the visiting exhibits and collaborative exhibits, we cover it all….PLUS the lectures and concerts and socials that make this a living and vibrant asset we need to support!

Noah Webster's WORDS

Program Description

A tribute to the framer of how Americans embraced and applied the English language, this program is a “tip of the cap” to the one many refer to as the “Father of American Scholarship and Education.” Do you know what an eponym is…how about an acronym…backronym, portmanteau…and so many more. PLUS…we celebrate the spelling bees, the new words that come into our vernacular…and the stories and usages that helped shape our language of today.

Now Showing

Program Description

Up and down the River and the Shoreline..we try and shed some light on great ways to be entertained and inspired…listen in….

Regional theater is such an important part of the culture ecosystem — for artist and patron alike. So many of these stages nurtured performers and actual works that went on to greater things, like Broadway. We celebrate Connecticut Theater by getting the artistic directors, actors, writers and others around the roundtable to share the great moments you can expect on our area stages…

Pathways to Good Health

Program Description

In addition to area specialists sharing insights and innovations, like our friends at Middlesex Health,  this program focuses on every part of the care continuum and updates you on the latest treatments, area care guidelines, and more.

From vaccines and variants to innovations in cancer therapy, facilities for youngsters with emotional challenges and so much more, Pathways to Good Health gets noted specialists, known nationally but located locally, to share their insights and counsel…so you can better protect your family and yourself.

Points of Interest

Program Description

We always say that “not one town has everything…but it is the bundle of towns in the CRV that has everything and more…” And that is right…but LRB comes in to make sure we all embrace the destinations and textured past that contribute to the unique qualities of each town… Check it out…covering the state…and the events and places you may want to explore.

REALIZING WELLNESS powered by Organic Fitness Solutions

Program Description

When you have the right fitness…and you are making better choices with your “fuel…” the food that powers you…the results can truly be amazing…and Coach Bryan helps us every step of the way!


Program Description

We celebrate the original Saybrook…the people and events that helped shape it…and Old Saybrook today…in conjunction with our friends at the Old Saybrook Historical Society.

From historic gardens to the evolution of the ferry business…funerary art to famous families’ resting places…from historic resorts and hotels to rumrunners, this series has that and more. We celebrate the famous residents you know…and the ones you may not…all as a way to honor those that came before us and be part of this fantastic town’s future…

Shelter Island

Program Description

Introducing Shelter Island….no…not that place in NY…this is a place we take you where you are protected from mainstream media woes…no hating…just love of music…celebration of community..and interesting things to note and do in our CRV..come enjoy the journey to Shelter Island…Making Local Matter!

Join in as we cover town topics…food and drink updates…history notes…the latest from the Kate…calendar ideas…Bobo’s music recommendations…trivia..some games…and so much more. Celebrate the CRV on Shelter Island!

Talking Jazz with Ken

Program Description

Ken Kitchings just asks one question: “Is your toe tapping?” That is really all you need to know about the world of jazz, but if you tune in you will learn so much more by experiencing the music and hearing Ken talk with these musicians…all known all over the world…and all coming to Old Lyme’s Side Door Jazz Club…tune in and be part of the fun!

Better than the music are the stories told…Ken’s first meeting with George Wein…Ed Cherry’s advice (rather strong advice) from Dizzy Gillespie on his wardrobe…the evolution of different styles and cultural celebrations…all of this honored on the Club’s stage…and in this program!

Taste Buds: Cocktails vs. Cuisine!

Program Description

In one corner our resident mixologist Mark the other chef extraordinaire Chris Cole. Join us as our hosts share story and approach in a battle using similar seasonal ingredients in drink and food…as we judge who has the better result!

Cooking with pumpkin? Drinks with honey? Fourth of July-themed cocktails? The challenges are relatable and the expertise and techniques valuable…enjoy both with each episode!

Thank You for Your Service

Program Description

The Parent Project

Program Description

Cristal and Catherine serve up some parenting tips…ways to approach important topics…resource lists…and suggestions for family growth and fun in the CRV…join in!

Times are always tough for our younger set…but today’s world can be particularly stressful, especially after the prolonged pandemic. Each episode covers trends parents need to know about…digs deep into the hot topics…and always serves up resources for help!

The Restaurant Roadmap

Program Description

We all know, because town planners throughout the state tell us, one of the top two reasons for a town or village to be successful and thrive is to have great dining destinations and variety….but how do you make a restaurant thrive and succeed. Our duo of restaurant savants share their expertise…and search the state for great food and drink!

The Week that Was

Program Description

We know the days can get by you…so this program is here to help you catch up with the programs, insights, and perspective served up on iCRV Radio…in The Week that Was!

Town Spotlight

Program Description

We invite town leaders and heads of businesses to come in and share thoughts and rundown upcoming events in their towns…a way for us to get to know some of the towns and villages we are so close to….

From Killingworth and Clinton to Norwich, Groton, and Bridgeport…we cover the towns, their history, their amazing assets…and reasons why you may want to take a road trip and explore!

UNLOCKING KATE'S VAULT: Stories from the Katharine Hepburn Museum

Program Description

Join Dr. Elise Maragliano as we get to know more about this trailblazing figure in our collective history….and do not forget to visit the museum to take in the depth of the permanent collection..and the robust slate of museum events and lectures….

Valley Railroad Radio

Program Description

We honor the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat by putting the spotlight on the men and women who love these attractions so much they have dedicated tens of years to a career on the rail or on the water.  Hear the stories…feel the history…understand how important the River Valley has been…and is…not just to the state…but to the region.  All Aboard!

ZOONAMI: Adventures from Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo!

Program Description

Learning adventures happen with every episode, as we better understand the animals, the habitats, and the challenges that face the natural world by visiting with the specialists, educators and volunteers at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo.

What is it like to “mother” a new-born tiger…what are the character attributes of the different wolves…how about that red panda…each episode is a virtual tour of the only accredited zoo in our state…we celebrate the mission and the passion in every episode!