With programs ranging from updates from area historical societies to reports from the field by the State Archaeologist, to in-depth tours of area centuries-old homes and landmarks, iCRV Radio believes we need to keep the spirit of discovery and our past alive as we explore and better understand where we came from…so we can be better equipped to build on today and realize a better tomorrow.

The Cut-Throat Ferry Business

Saybrook! Takes us Back to the Massively Competitive Ferry Business in the CRV!

From our series Saybrook! we learn that the ferry trips we enjoy today had a fascinating journey through time!

For many, the ferries of the Connecticut River serve up a fantastic five minute or so exhale as we get from one side to the next…a trip that allows us to wonder what it might have been like centuries ago when these historic modes of transportation started their important service. But what we may not consider is how the ferry business was so important to the growth of our area…to the point that it was not without fierce competition and conniving sabotage. In a recent edition of Saybrook! on iCRV Radio, author Leslie Tryon shares what she learned about her family’s struggles through the late 1800’s as family members tried to survive in the cut-throat ferry business…here is a clip…

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