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With over 100 hours of fresh programming each month on iCRV Radio, we know how tough it is to catch everything...that is why we are trying to make it a little easier. Now in this section, we will feature shows that you might want to check out. It could be a special guest or moment...it could be content we think you might want to be aware of and maybe share. We try and serve up programs covering all the life interests in the CRV...hope you enjoy. iCRV Radio...the place where We Make Local Matter!!!

Noah Webster's WORDS

Fun with Words...for sure!!!! Today: Juneteenth.

A tribute to the framer of how Americans embraced and applied the English language, this program is a "tip of the cap" to the one many refer to as the "Father of American Scholarship and Education." Join us for the Word of the Week and other fun!

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Shelter Island

Some laughs...some music...some nature...and some trains....yeah you heard us...listen in...

It is not a place...it is an attitude...being able to enjoy CRV living without the mayhem of mainstream media!

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Talking Jazz with Ken

Just tune in...music...a vibe...and some laughs...we celebrate CRV-dom!

Right here in our own back yard...world renowned musicians come to play...and we showcase them...and chat with them...oh man...is your toe tapping?

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BEHIND THE LINE with Colt Taylor

From source to service...Colt celebrates it!!!

Every aspect of getting the best out of the ground or off the trees and onto your plate is celebrated by Michelin-star winning area chef and restaurateur Colt Taylor and guests....

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Anything Automotive

From racing to vintage and classic cars...and more!

From repairs and maintenance to ovals and motorsports, our pair of auto enthusiasts know a whole lot under the hood and in the driveway! Maintenance tips, safety, new car trends...what is hot and what is not. Listen in!

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