CT Flagstick Fantasy Skins Game Contest

CONNECTICUT FLAGSTICK    Taylor Made Driving Relief Skins Game

      Sunday, March 17      2:00pm      Seminole G.C. 


      Ricky Fowler and Matt Wolff  vs.  Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy


 iCRV Radio Fantasy Skins Game:

 There will be two winners who pick the correct team and closest to the amount of skins money won.   Dozen Srixon Z Star golf Balls to 1st and 2nd place.

Long Drive contests on # 2 and # 14     Pick the player and how many yards hit. Tee shot doesn’t have to be in fairway.   Winners of each receive Srixon merch.


                     Skins Rules

Each team gets a $500,000 fund before starting.

Holes 1 thru 6 are worth $50,000 each

Holes 7 – 16  are worth $100,000 each

Hole # 17 is worth $200,000.     Hole # 18 worth $500,000

         All ties are carried over to the next hole


 Send picks to info@iCRVradio.com by 2:15pm Sunday.    

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