Vicki Miorelli

Host, Muster Radio
Sailing Masters of 1812

Fife and drum so inextricably part of this area's history...and we celebrate that every month on Muster Radio as Vicki and team introduce us to the art form that makes us all proud.

Vicki Miorelli is the host of Muster Radio. A monthly program dedicated to the rich tradition of fife and drum. Muster Radio runs from March to November. Vicki has been part of the drum corps community for over 45 years! She is currently the drum major for the Sailing Masters of 1812 Fife and Drum Corps based in Essex, CT. She has been a member for over 30 years. In her other life she is a hand spinner, fiber artist and loves photography.




Muster Radio

There are few things that convery more passion and history than fife and drum music.  We celebrate the events that honor this great tradition...along with the generations of participants wanting to keep this art form alive.  We so appreciate all the corps and want to get to know them...and the vital role they play in connecting us with our textured past...

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