Sunnie Scarpa

Cohost, Library Chat
Director, E.C.Scranton Memorial Library

Sunnie brings the same energy, passion, and organization she exercises as director of the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library in Madison to our studios with each and every edition of the new Library Chat...join her for recommended reads, great interviews, and a true celebration of the library as the ultimate community resource!

Sunnie Scarpa has served as Director of the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library since 2019. She began her career as a Teen Librarian at the New Haven Free Public Library before serving as Head of Children’s Services at the Wallingford Public Library for six years. Scarpa is passionate about the
library field and loves to read/listen/talk and coach people on career advancement, management, and leadership topics.


Library Chat

We celebrate the pivot libraries have made in our area...from being a resource for the written now being a resource for the entire community -- everything from dvd's and cd's and internet great books, lectures, activities, clubs...and the list goes on.  We try and keep you updated and motivated to check these venues out...join us for recommended reads and so much more...

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