Robin Andreoli

Host, Creative Capital
Director Community Relations, The Kate

Keeping a pulse on the culture scene in the CRV, Robin is passionate about music...dogs...non-profits...and the list goes on...a great interviewer, she showcases people contributing to the cultural landscape in each episode of Creative Capital...

Robin Andreoli is a lifelong CT resident who believes everyone should enjoy the companionship of a dog; that music should always be a part of your day; and that you can’t take yourself too seriously.  Presently, Robin is the  director of development and community relations at the Kate. She is grateful for the opportunity to resurrect her college DJ career here at ICRV Radio and thoroughly enjoys talking with artists/musicians/filmmakers and others who add to the “Creative Capital” in our communities.

Affiliated organizations:

Essex Winter Series

“…you know, her life was saved by rock and roll.” – The Velvet Underground


Creative Capital

In a previous life, Robin Andreoli had a radio show where she promoted local..local artists...venues...people doing cool things in area culture.  Well...she is back and using the internet airwaves of iCRV Radio to do the same thing.  Enjoy the conversations...honor the artists and music that shaped and influenced others...find out who to look for and where to we encourage you to be part of a vibrant culture scene in the CRV!

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iCRV Playlist

Wall-to-wall sound from artists playing in CT...trying to break through the we support independent musicians and try and connect you with music that matters.... From Tiny Ocean to Kerri Powers...Joe Holt to Joe Flood... Shelley Valaskus Experience to Michael Cleary Band...and the list goes on...we try and celebrate the great music coming out of our area in these hopes you might want to find or follow them...and check out their local gigs!

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