Rebecca Lineberry

Host, If These Walls Could Talk
Historic Homeowner

Connecticut born & raised, I returned to my roots in the CT River Valley after 12 years of life and career in NYC and Milwaukee, WI. This new chapter brought to life a wish deeply seeded in a decade of visits to Old Sturbridge Village, as I purchased my very own 'ultimate antique' in July 2020 and began working on breathing new life into my c.1755 colonial. While my professional life is focused on communications and strategy at the Yale School of Management, my free time includes all things "old houses"! I freelance on interior design and historic home restoration projects, recently co-chaired the Haddam Historical Society's Fall 2022 house tour, and have been featured in various media outlets for my old house efforts, including the New York Times. Old homes have a tapestry of memories woven into the walls as they stood a silent witness to significant world events and everyday moments. I am so thrilled to help share the stories of Connecticut's historic beauties with iCRV listeners through 'If These Walls Could Talk'! But, let's be super honest.... while I love a good historic house, there isn't a single one that could ever capture my heart like my son, Hudson, does. Being his Mom is my #1 passion, and he inspires me daily to be a better human and to make each moment count. I am lucky that he is always up for a historic site adventure, antique store visit, or to dig in the yard in search of colonial trash...aka "treasure"!


If These Walls Could Talk

A look into our history by getting a deep dive into the stories our historic homes and buildings can tell...from the original owner and architect to what the natural and social landscape was like when these buildings were built. Get to know the stories uncovered in these homes -- how they were built and at what expense, how they were laid out, the fireplaces, kitchens, gardens...and then better understand how the families lived in them...and how they earned their keep. From merchants to pig farmers, we celebrate them all. And we also celebrate the owners of these homes today and better understand their passion and dedication as they take on the role of steward of the stories within their four walls!

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