Professor Wick Griswold

Host, Connecticut River Drift
Author; Professor Emeritus, University of Hartford

Wick was so important to us...we continue to feel his spirit and have to keep his legacy alive by replaying his many episodes and including him in our content contribution team. Energetic enthusiast of all things Connecticut River Literature, Archaeology, History, Ecology, Socio-Cultural Evolution, Paddling, Rowing, Sailing, Community Engagement, Education, and Enjoyment...he was the best!

Professor Renwick Griswold is lovingly referred to as Wick…lover of all things Connecticut River. He lectures atht eUniversity of Hartford…and when he is not writing books or hosting museum talks or playing pirate or privateer in full costume, he hangs with us at iCRV Radio. Wick hosts the monthly Connecticut River Drift, where he lets the conversation flow as the currents do…and take us wherever…but usually to a place celebrating the River and River life, past and present.  He also penned a radio serial about the colonization of the Connecticut River whcih shall debut on iCRV Radio this coming Fall….


Associate Professor Sociology, University of Hartford. Signature class, the Sociology of the Connecticut River Watershed.

Commodore Connecticut River Drifting Society


A History of the Connecticut River
Griswold Point: History From The Mouth of The Connecticut River
Connecticut Pirates and Privateers
Crossing the Long Tidal River: Four Centuries of Ferries on The Connecticut River (due for release Fall 2017)

All books available from The History Press

Current Project: Working with Connecticut River Museum and Connecticut River Academy on a book, film, museum exhibit focusing on 400 Years of Immigration Into the Connecticut River Valley.



Connecticut River Drift

From resurrecting the art of shad netting to reviving the communities along the River, Professor Wick Griswold celebrates the old and the new as it is only through these types of conversations that one can appreciate where we can go...he charts the intitial course by introducing us to great people...but who knows where the conversation with take us...and the journey is the best be part of it!

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It is iCRV Radio's most ambitious project yet...two years in the making...a throwback and "tip of the cap" to the radio serials of old. COLONIZED!... a radio drama that chronicles the notorious events and influential figures in the exploration and settlement of the Connecticut River Valley.  Penned by author Wick Griswold, COLONIZED! traces and honors the motivations and missions that led to the cultivation of a colony.  Take a journey with us...

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