Mark Griswold

Host, Fermented and Taste Buds
Mixologist and Adult Beverage Consultant

A biochemist by education, Mark is passionate about food and drink and is a master mixologist and lover of the history of adult beverages -- all of which he shares on ICRV Radio....



"Professor" Mark Griswold attacks mixology with his biochemist background...add to that insights from "palate panel members" sharing myths and legends and even concoction ingredients and variations ...this program has it all.  You will get recipes...a little history understanding as to what is at work as tastes and ingredients are applied to various processes...producing a product with a great social and economic ripple effect...which is celebrated as well!

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The Mix

Mark Griswold earned the distinction of being "Professor of Mixology" on iCRV he mixes it up in a different way, riffing on the week's happenings on iCRV with a splash of history, trivia, and cocktail lore!

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Taste Buds: Cocktails vs. Cuisine!

In one corner our resident mixologist Mark the other chef extraordinaire Chris Cole. Join us as our hosts share story and approach in a battle using similar seasonal ingredients in drink and we judge who has the better result! Cooking with pumpkin? Drinks with honey? Fourth of July-themed cocktails? The challenges are relatable and the expertise and techniques valuable...enjoy both with each episode!

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LEAF PEOPLE presented by Horsepower Cigar Lounge

It seems there are only three parts to a cigar...but there is economy...and so much more involved. Whether you are a novice or a tobacco with us and explore...Leaf People!

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