Ken Kitchings

Host, Talking Jazz with Ken
Owner, Side Door Jazz Club

Known by many of the world's best jazz musicians, Ken shares his passion and knowledge in each edition of Talking Jazz with sure to check out The Side Door Jazz ten years old...located right next to the Old Lyme Inn.


Talking Jazz with Ken

Ken Kitchings just asks one question: "Is your toe tapping?" That is really all you need to know about the world of jazz, but if you tune in you will learn so much more by experiencing the music and hearing Ken talk with these musicians...all known all over the world...and all coming to Old Lyme's Side Door Jazz Club...tune in and be part of the fun! Better than the music are the stories told...Ken's first meeting with George Wein...Ed Cherry's advice (rather strong advice) from Dizzy Gillespie on his wardrobe...the evolution of different styles and cultural celebrations...all of this honored on the Club's stage...and in this program!

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