Joseph Heery

Host, Deep River Horseshoes
Deep River Horseshoes

The League is the oldest in Connecticut and now in its 68th season; Joseph has been part of it for so many of those years and shares the action with us...each week.


Deep River Horseshoes

The ultimate community celebration, the Deep River Horseshoes League is the oldest league in the state and is now in its 68th season. Joseph Heery drops by to share how the women and men...the 20-somethings and the 80-somethings are doing... We have tried it playing against some of these League players...and boy are they good...and this is a far more serious sport than what you might remember from picnics and field days of years gone by. Get to know the sport...get to know the competition...and join in the fun on the Deep River Town Green Thursdays...

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