Greg Stroud

Host, CT Examiner Notebook
CT Examiner

A teacher, historian, global traveler, Greg has enriched so many lives and is perhaps best known in his fight to protect our collective past by preserving area historic districts from high speed rail threats...he now continues to oversee the most focused and fair news organization for our state he started over three years ago, the CT Examiner.


CT Examiner Notebook

iCRV Radio does not do news but we know the people who do it right...the Connecticut Examiner covers the state and shares the hot topics. We are so lucky to have them on the lookout for us, as...if it is happening in any may be contemplated in your town listen in! From high-speed rail, zoning issues across the state, toxic waste issues, third-party energy, school system issues, Hartford alerts...and more...CT Examiner is on it. With reporters covering the state and also covering our elected officials in Washington, the CT Examiner Notebook offers coverage from the local to the Federal realities.....

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