Eric Wilson

Cohost, Muster Radio
Mattatuck Drum Band

Eric's love of the tradition and celebration of fife and drum comes alive as he shares story and talent in each edition of Muster Radio.

Eric Wilson is the co-host of Muster Radio, a monthly program running from March to November that is dedicated to the rich tradition of fife and drum.  Being a third generation member of the Mattatuck Drum Band out of Waterbury, CT, Eric has been part of the fife and drum community for his entire life. He has been an active member of Mattatuck for over 25 years and has been the Snare Drum Sergeant for the last 6 years.  By day, Eric is a Structural Engineer/Construction Inspector for Milone and MacBroom, Inc. out of Cheshire, CT and has worked for the company since 2002. Additionally, he is a musician playing with various 2 to 4 piece bands as well as a member of several pit bands for high school, college, and community theaters.  He also enjoys woodworking, woodburning, and needlepoint.  


Muster Radio

There are few things that convery more passion and history than fife and drum music.  We celebrate the events that honor this great tradition...along with the generations of participants wanting to keep this art form alive.  We so appreciate all the corps and want to get to know them...and the vital role they play in connecting us with our textured past...

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