Bobo Lavorgna

Host, And The Beat Goes On…and And the Beats Going On

With many projects and passions, Bobo has been a fixture in the culture scene in Connecticut...the Northeast...and beyond for decades...

Bobo was introduced to live music at the age of two at a performance of the Stony Creek Ancient Fife and Drum Corps in Branford, CT and hasn’t been the same since. This may explain his love and appreciation of martial music. His Uncle Don brought him and his siblings to a performance of The Nutcracker in New York City when he was four. Not realizing that he was extremely near-sighted until tested in the Second Grade (WHAT chart?!…) the amazing ballet performance was lost on him; however, the incredible musical performance was not lost on him, and it served as a foundation for his love of classical music…expanded greatly by the background music heard while watching the black and white “cat and mouse” cartoons from two feet away on a small television screen early on Saturday mornings. Bobo met Robert Crotty in 1962. Robert showed Bobo the basic cords on his guitar, and a lifelong friendship and musical bond was created.
 “Lavorgna continues performing and recording with Jazz, Folk, Blues, Rock and R&B groups from all over the globe.” According to Tim Crotty, I am “the busiest bass player in Connecticut.”
 The ability to listen, actively listen, to other artists is the essential component of a successful performance, whether it be a rehearsal, live concert or studio recording. Bobo’s diverse musical background and his good fortune to collaborate with so many gifted composers and performers over the years has given him a rich pantry of sounds, rhythms and techniques from which to choose the right spices, sounds and ingredients to complement the delicious layers added on top by those gifted artists who keep choosing Bobo to perform and record with them.
Most recent performances and recordings with Ebin-Rose Trio, The Guy Zinda Band, Frog Hollow Bluegrass, Jake & the Family Jewels, Tommy Cosmo, Mark Naftalin & Friends, Robert Silverman. Performances of note include opening for Howlin’ Wolf with the Blake Street Gut Band at The Silver Bullet in Moodus, CT, and opening for Manhattan Transfer with Stormin’ Norman & Suzy at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
Thanks to David Williams for the opportunity to host “And The Beat Goes On” on Please stay safe, be well, wear a mask and wash your hands!


And The Beat Goes On...

In each episode of And the Beat Goes on, host Bobo Lavorgna explores the motivation, creative approach, and personal journeys of artists you might want to check he showcases their music and dives deep into their artistic expression. More than just an interview program with music, this series is dedicated to independent musicians...from all over (Connecticut and beyond)...who need to be heard -- not just their music, but the message behind the music and the inspiration for it all. Share the experiences and maybe learn about an artist that really connects with you...each week on iCRV Radio.

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And the Beats Going On

Bobo shares a list of concerts, events, venues and general updates from the independent music scene...learn of the artists you may like...and the venues so important in the support of independent music all around our state... Each week Bobo truly covers the state (he even gives you some driving and parking recommendations) as he really wants to serve up a wide selection of artists, genres, and venue locations so that you, too, can appreciate how accessible great music is in our state. Hear his "pick of the week"...and be sure to hear the personal stories Bobo a touring musician for decades!

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