Bob Gold

Founder, Chief Technologist
GoMo Health

Bob Gold is one of the world’s leading behavioral technologists…with more than 20 years’ applied research and development experience in the areas of the behavioral and cognitive science of human motivation, activation, and resiliency…he is the chief technologist and founder of GoMo Health.



Powered by GoMo Health’s proprietary BehavioralRx methodologies, Braintraining is designed for informational purposes for our they can learn more about the exercises and findings that are helping tens of thousands of patients and care givers address challenges...from memory loss to substance abuse, physical performance, and so much more.

The radio series breaks down the BehavioralRx brain fitness “special sauce” and makes it available to a broader audience. The series combines relatable care stories with perspective from noted international health authorities and simple teaching segments to help listeners learn how their own brain could become “more fit” and help them overcome their own daily challenges as they assume a healthier profile…that is the mission of Braintraining.

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