October's Trip to the Henry Whitfield State Museum...

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on: Oct 6, 2020

A piece of Lady Fenwick’s hair.  Also known as Alice Apsley, she was Saybrook founder George Fenwick’s second wife.  George and Alice returned to Connecticut from England in 1639 with Henry Whitfield.  She was buried in the cemetery at Saybrook Point and was exhumed during the construction of the Valley RR in the 1850s.  That’s when her hair was collected.


Below are three images of the Knowles Lombard factory in Guilford that was close to the Whitfield House.  One of its products was canned tomatoes.  The can shows the marketing of the product as Puritan tomatoes and the Whitfield House is shown on the back of the can.  The factory is now gone.  It operated in the late 19th and early 20th century.