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Gardening for Good on March 5!

Category: Home 'n Gardens


on: Mar 5, 2020

On our show this month.....Pollinator Pathways are coming to your town!

We'll be talking to Mary Ellen Lemay, one of the originators of the Pollinator Pathway concept, which is a pesticide-free corridor of public and private properties that provide native plant habitat and nutrition for pollinators – bees, butterflies, and so much more.  The idea has spread from Fairfield County throughout towns in Connecticut, and builds on the work of entomologist and icon, Doug Tallamy's Bringing Nature Home book that underscores the importance of insects to fuel many food webs. Join us for this look into the history, mechanics and opportunities of connecting pathways for pollinators – and how you can join the effort! And take a look at their terrific website:

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