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From farmer's markets to farm to table events to farm fresh recipes and menu items...there are so many ways to enjoy the great things area farmers do.  Their work is so hard...their passion is so deep...and their knowledge and commitment just amazing.  

We get insights into all of that in a series of programs and features and event promotions...so stay tuned to iCRV Radio and truly support these great members of our community...you can always get straight answers on how crops were cultivated or cattle raised...you understand the importance of certain processes...and we think you might feel the reason...for why you should Live Local...and Shop Local...especially when it comes to fruits, veggies, and meats and eggs!!!

As we say...listen in and enjoy our programs..and if you get a chance...Hug a Farmer!

January's Gardening for Good: Composting!!!

Category: Home 'n Gardens


on: Jan 14, 2021

Composting for Happy Soil

 Healthy gardens are all about healthy soil, so who better to talk with than a person whose expertise lies with all things soil? Dawn Pettinelli is a lifelong gardener and horticulturist who manages UConn’s Home & Garden Center and the UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Lab. She also runs the UConn Extension Master Gardener Master Composter Program. Dawn and her staff provide information, testing and advice about all things soil. And it’s not too soon to be thinking about our gardens in January.

Join us for a dive into the ways and means of composting, and get ready for your best garden soil ever this year!