Gloucester, MA

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on: Oct 5, 2015

Castle Manor Open Water Fisherman Monument

Gloucester, MA … Cape Ann

“It’s one of the most popular whale watching places in the world” … the collective areas of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester-By-The Sea in Massachusetts make up the area of Cape Ann

Travel: depending on traffic, about a 3-hour drive from Chester, CT (165 miles)

Bring: sunglasses, windbreaker, binoculars to watch boats, walking shoes

Overview: You may want to go to the Harbor and watch the fishing boats early morning (4:30a-5:30am) at the drawbridge where the Annisquam River meets the “Cut Bridge” (aka Blynman Canal Bridge); It is the 1st or 2nd busiest draw bridge of its kind in the country. Visit the town’s iconic waterfront statues of a fisherman at the wheel (“They that go down to the sea in ships 1623-1923”) and The Fisherman’s Wives Memorial. Fishermen sometimes go out at night, returning at 4am, or they may go out at 4am, returning at night around 10p, or the next day. The film “The Perfect Storm” was based on the true story of a Gloucester fisherman lost at sea. … In July and August the drawbridge opens almost 3000 times, representing an average of over 6000 ships (multiple ships per opening). … A popular morning breakfast place is Fort Square Cafe, open 5:30a-1p weekdays (except Tuesdays) and 6a-1 weekends … plus Lee’s on Main Street, and George’s on Washington Street.

Enjoy Whale Watching and Fishing and the Beaches:
• Wingersheek beach * Harbor beach * Half Moon (city beach) * Crane Beach and bird sanctuary

Enjoy Music & Restaurants:
* LIVE Music at Castle Manor Inn in Gloucester on Wednesdays 7-9p
* Crow’s Nest bar * The Rum Line (downtown Gloucester)
* Mile Marker * Latitude 43 * Mingle Wood Tavern * Dog bar
* Jalepano’s (mexican) * Woodman’s in Essex, MA is where fried clam chowder was invented

Annual Fall and Summer Town Events:
• Oct 24th, 2015 is the 33rd annual Clam Fest in Essex
• Last weekend in June: Fiesta at Peter’s Square (4 days) … St. Peter is the Patron Saint of Ships & Fisherman
• Annual Auction (July)
• August: Manchester festival (1st week), Blues Festival (2nd week), Waterfront festival (4th weekend)
• Labor Day: Schooner Festival and Mayoral Cup

• Hammond Castle Museum takes you back to medieval times

• Castle Manor Inn: Innkeeper Laura & Don .. and Chef Nick Peters (try the lobster bisque & the salmon! Continental breakfast at the Inn is included
• Bed & Breakfasts
• Hotels