With programs covering everything from our area museums to the myths and legends so popular in our region over the centuries…to theater and the arts, words and word origins, and so much more, iCRV Radio takes you on a journey without your ever having to leave your home. Area professors, curators, town historians, authors and enthusiasts share their passions in this rich roster of programs served up fresh each month….ENJOY!


iCRV Radio is all about community…building community, strengthening community, understanding community. With programs ranging from area emergency services responders helping us be safe to library chats, town spotlights, and deep dives celebrating our area non-profits…iCRV tries to serve up the information that may lead to richer community experiences.


With programs ranging from updates from area historical societies to reports from the field by the State Archaeologist, to in-depth tours of area centuries-old homes and landmarks, iCRV Radio believes we need to keep the spirit of discovery and our past alive as we explore and better understand where we came from…so we can be better equipped to build on today and realize a better tomorrow.


The independent music scene is so vibrant in the Connecticut River Valley. Celebrating the artists and their music…plus the venues that support independent musicians… iCRV Radio helps you connect with local musicians making an impact in the audiences near and far. Checkout music calendars and live, in-studio performances/interviews with this rich program portfolio.


Our greatest asset in the Connecticut River Valley is our natural beauty and the robust habitats along the Sound and the River and beyond. We celebrate the outdoors with a deep roster of programs that explain more about our natural assets…shows on birds, on area habitats and how everything in them is connected, on angling, paddling, wildlife, legends, and how can protect our environment for future generations. Join in on the experience…the learning… the fun!