The Pollinator Pathway: What Started as the Hudson to Housatonic Project is Growing in CT and the Northeast!

The Stream Feeding The CT River Valley


Hear from Mary Ellen Lemay on our Gardening for Good — She Helped Start this Whole Movement!

Judy Preston created Gardening fr Good on ICRV Radio so listeners could have a better understanding of how we can all do a little -- which then can add to a lot in building a more sustainable approach to our environment...from our yards to our waterways. Please listen to a bit of her conversation with Mary Ellen Lemay as they discuss why this pathway is so important...making biodiversity in our own yards an attainable first step to addressing significant environmental challenges....

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Gardening for Good

So much to learn and enjoy regarding our gardens...and Judy Preston shares ways we can work in the dirt without negative we can nurture and enjoy our gardens without harsh repercussion. From tips on techniques and trends to deep dives into topics like sustainability...Gardening for Good is the resource for you!