State Archaeology, Technology, and Cemeteries: A Spooky Uncovering!

The Stream Feeding The CT River Valley


How Ground Penetrating Radar was Deplyoed to Solve a Middletown Cemetery Mystery from a Century Ago!!!

Scott Brady, former President of the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology reveals how technology helped solve a generations-old mystery...and how it helped fill-in some details on the social...and health... landscape in our area 100 years ago! This is why we love it when the State Archaeologist shares the passion and the learnings from her office and colleagues each month on iCRV Radio!

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Archaeology of Connecticut

Celebrate Connecticut's rich archaeological heritage. Go on a journey...enjoy the sharing of perspective from noted authorities covering specific periods, sites, finds, and the art of unearthing relics to help tell, or shape, a story. Anchored by the state archaeologist, this program is powered by the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology.