Do Not Get Caught in these Scams!

It used to be scams were executed through email...but the con artists are getting pretty good at getting access to your information...check out the hot scams in Connecticut....

The Chief of Police in Clinton, Chief DeMaio, is dedicated to getting into the community and sharing the information area residents need before a safety threat confronts them, and one of the biggest threats in Connecticut are scams. Our state is a target rich environment for scams…all of which have the same structure in common, as they try and gain a consumer’s confidence, play on their emotions, and leverage a sense of urgency to extract information of payment from the target.  What used to be found mostly in emails are now schemes that are deployed on social media and your mobile phone.  Here is a clip from a recent episode of APB in the CRV where the Chief shares what listeners should be on the lookout for as we all try to protect our families from this serious threat….

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APB in the CRV

CT is a target-rich environment for scammers and other threats to our safety. . Join Clinton PD Chief DeMaio for insights on how we can protect our families...our homes...and our communities!