September 2023


Here are the shows and happenings to be on the lookout for on
The Stream Feeding the River Valley...Where We Make Local Matter!!!

Notable Fresh Episodes

Talking Herbs

Gardening for Good

Judy Preston's guest this month is noted gardening authority Nina Garrett...who talks about a lot of things...especially "all things herbs..."
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Learnings from Tribal Grounds

Archaeology of Connecticut

Last month the state archaeologist was with young scientists exploring a Revolutionary War site...this month Sarah Sportman visits with the Eastern Pequot Tribe and colleagues from UMass/Boston as they share learnings from nearly twenty years of work...
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Mark Twain House and Museum Explored

Museum Update

Pieter Roos, executive director at the Mark Twain House and Museum, shares insights into one of the most prolific American writers...as the Museum nears a major milestone...
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The Amazing Joe Holt

And the Beat Goes On

Bobo Lavorgna has spent over forty years on some of the biggest stages in the Northeast...so when he chats with musicians you should know...he gets fantastic perspective...this month he visits with CT-raised Joe Holt who has toured nationally several times and now is making it in New York City...
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And Do Not Miss....

NEW: The iCRV Radio Podcast

· iCRV Radio now has a weekly podcast available on all the major podcast services...check out the first episode on your favorite channel...just search for iCRV Radio Podcast. In this episode...we go from bookworms to worms...to sea serpents...to Yankee Doodle Dandy and some great trivia!

If These Walls Could Talk

· If you have not heard a new series about area historic homes…their stories…and the passion that it takes to care for them…please be on the lookout for Rebecca Lineberry and her “If These Walls Could Talk…” Journey centuries back in our area and learn what life was like just by "walking through the door."

Myths and Legends

· Myths and Legends, hosted by internationally published and followed folklorist Professor Stephen Gencarella of UMass/Amherst, thrills us this month with sea serpents, vagabonds...and tales from the Last Green Valley...tune in!

Merchandise and Member Deals

· Remember...members can get great deals...like a $100 gift card at the extremely popular Penny Lane Pub...for just $50...while supplies last...plus other great dining destinations...if interested please email us at info@icrvradio.com

And Check Out Our Other Shows

· Shelter Island, Antiques Trail, Library Chat, Do You Know, Saybrook!, All Things Real Estate, Nature's Connections, Valley Railroad Radio, Muster Radio, New Britain Museum of American Art Perspectives, Florence Griswold Museum Update, Connecticut Flagstick, Thank You for Your Service....all fresh and insightful...this month on iCRV Radio!
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