The Stream Feeding the River Valley


Outdoors with Phil Miller

08:00 am

Tips on CRV exploring in the outdoors...

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Captain Morgan Fishing Report

08:30 am

Area info for anglers at all skill levels...the season is still rocking!

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Feeling Good

09:00 am

We talk bully prevention and great things going on at The Morgan School in Clinton.

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Calendar Chat

09:30 am

We can help plan your weekend and weeks ahead!

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Valley Railroad Radio

10:00 am

Channeling some of the great figures and legends from our past through "life on the rails and river" with Professor Stephen Gencarella.

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Food for Thought

10:30 am

Our samplers give feedback on an area sports bar...Eli's!

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Talking Jazz with Ken

11:15 am

Leo Konitz is where the conversation part of the fun and great music!

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The Monthly Scene with Phil Rosenthal

12:00 pm

Bluegrass at its best...with one of the best...Phil Rosenthal from the Seldom Scene....

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Essex Historical Society

01:30 pm

Great events coming up...and new insights as well....

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Points of Interest with LRB

02:00 pm

Getting to know West Hartford's Children's Museum...

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Points of Interest with LRB

02:30 pm

Wendy Vincent and Paul Schiller, board members of the Friends of Gillette Castle in East Haddam, jon us to share Castle and Gillette lore....

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Nature with Ranger Russ

03:00 pm

Eric Hammerling from Connecticut Forest and Park Association joins to share our love and concern for the environment....

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CRaVe Sports Talk

04:00 pm

The woes of fantasy and more!

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05:00 pm

Talking and sipping...and enjoying...Cider...perfect for Fall!

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CRV Vibes

06:00 pm

Local Honey....LIVE!

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CRV Potpourri

07:00 pm

Music...listings...clips..and more...hang with us!

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