Wadsworth Falls State Park – Middletown/Middlefield

Wadsworth Falls State Park – Middletown/Middlefield

Wadsworth Falls State Park

Enjoy hiking a variety of multi-use trails or spend some time enjoying the beautiful waterfalls.  Trails wind through woodlands, up and down moderate hills.  It would be worth spending some time reading about the geology of the park before you head out.  If you start your hike on the orange trail just out of the route 157 parking lot, you can visit a “giant mountain laurel” as well as the “little falls” by taking a side trip on the blue trail.  After visiting the little falls, you have a couple of options for a loop back to the parking lot.  If you want to visit the “Big Falls” you will park in our lot on Cherry Hill Road and walk a short distance to the viewing area.  Please note that swimming and picnicking are prohibited at the Big Falls – it is an area intended for short visits to view the scenic falls.

A trail map is located in a kiosk at the parking area and also on the DEEP State Parks website.

Directions – There are two parking areas, one on route 157 in Middletown and one on Cherry Hill Road in Middlefield. There is a parking fee on the weekends. $9.00 for CT residents and $15.00 for non-residents.

More information about the park is on DEEP’s website.

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