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We are excited to announce Gail Reynolds of the Higganum Farmers Market will be working with us to bring to you a weekly gardening program….so please stay tuned and share with us any ideas about native plants, composting, qualities of specific plants, and general gardening tips and techniques…this will be fun! Garden Chat is on every Wednesday in the 10a hour (repeating in the afternoon and evening) and covers solutions to classic garden problems, the plant/veggie/fruit of the week, “Garden CSI,” techniques you need to know about and so much more.  Gail is such an incredible asset in the Lower Connecticut River Valley — be part of the fun and education.


Easy Monday Ranger Russ leaves his post as head of the Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset Beach State Park and shares insights as to how we can become better neighbors for our furry and feathered friends with whom we share our natural wonders. Join us every Monday…and learn!!!

Words of the Week — a nugget of knowledge Ranger Russ drops on us with each visit…it started with Fledging…then Oviparous…then Gastropod…then Exoskeleton…and  Moraine (you have to learn this one) … Bioluminescence and Pelagic were next…we know what a vector is and why we should be concerned about them…and “urushiol”….the difference between “poisonous” and “venomous,” and “exothermic” what will we learn next?  Hypoxia we did…then “Penumbra.” And then “Photoperiodism.” This week’s word: Pinniped.

This week’s word: Torpor…give it a try!!!

Posts for Gardens and Nature in the Lower Connecticut River Valley…

Norton Dam Removal Shows Results of Hard Work

Through an incredible effort that involved many, but DEEP and The Nature Conservancy taking the lead…these two pictures show the before…and the after…and we love how the cleared fishway will have such a powerful ripple effect for generations to come…stay tuned for updates on this and other projects on DEEP[…]

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DEEP and The Nature Conservancy Doing Great Work

Here are a couple examples of how great work can be done with organizations like The Nature Conservancy and DEEP roll up the sleeves…for more information…listen on Wednesdays at 8a for updates from DEEP and check the iCRVradio archives for DEEP Updates… The Nature Conservancy’s new project is to build[…]

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Denali’s Ten Essentials for Hiking

Navigation…map and compass…learn the basics as apps do not always work. Sun Protection…so that is a hat…sunglasses…and sunscreen. Insulation…always bring extra clothing… Illumination…headlamp is often preferred as hands can be free…but at least a good flashlight. First Aid Supplies…a must and can be very light..they come already put together…[…]

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Stone Wall Building Workshop @ Stonewell Farm
Apr 29 – Apr 30 all-day

On April 29th and 30th, 2017, Andrew Pighills, Master stone artisan, will teach a two-day, weekend long workshop on the Art of Dry Stone Wall Building at Stonewell Farm in Killingworth, CT.
During this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the principles of stone wall building, from establishing foundations, to the methods of dry laid (sometimes called dry-stacked) construction and ‘hearting’ the wall. This hands-on workshop will address not only the structure and principles behind wall building but also the aesthetic considerations of balance and proportion.
On Saturday evening participants are invited to discuss stonework in a relaxed setting while enjoying drinks and Pizza Napolitana fresh from our stone and brick, wood-fired pizza oven.
Cost: $350.00
Pre-registration is required. The workshop is limited to 16 participants, and spaces fill up quickly.
Registration Contact: Michelle Becker, Workshop Administrator
This workshop is open to participants, 18 years of age or older, of all levels of experience

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