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FullSizeRender-23DEEP Update:

New to iCRV Radio, Steve Gephard, the Supervising Fisheries Biologist for CT DEEP, joins us every Wednesday for a fresh update on how the migratory fish are running in and around our area.

Live airings are at 8am…but we will run the feature through the day….

Listen for great insights and always send in your questions to info@icrvradio…




cap morgan

image1Captain Morgan Report:
Captain Morgan from Madison’s Captain Morgan’s Bait ’n Tackle joins us every Thursday for a full reports on w
hat is running in the River and the Sound…what people are talking about..what gear is working…and great stories…maybe even a tip or two…always fun and informative…




Fishing Posts from our Expert Contributors…


Norton Dam Removal Shows Results of Hard Work

Through an incredible effort that involved many, but DEEP and The Nature Conservancy taking the lead…these two pictures show the before…and the after…and we love how the cleared fishway will have such a powerful ripple effect for generations to come…stay tuned for updates on this and other projects on DEEP[…]

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DEEP and The Nature Conservancy Doing Great Work

Here are a couple examples of how great work can be done with organizations like The Nature Conservancy and DEEP roll up the sleeves…for more information…listen on Wednesdays at 8a for updates from DEEP and check the iCRVradio archives for DEEP Updates… The Nature Conservancy’s new project is to build[…]

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World Fish Migration Day Update

SUMMARY OF WORLD FISH MIGRATION DAY EVENTS IN CONNECTICUT MAY 21, 2016 All fishway open houses are from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Look for yard signs on the day of the event. Rainbow Dam Fishway Open House- The state’s tallest fishway on the Farmington River,[…]

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Early Season Fun

So the opening weeks have been great fun. We recommend that you refer to postings for limits where you are fishing, as limits may vary…and still dress warmly… We know that the beautiful Hammonasset TMA on opening day…seen here…had low water even after all the rain compliments of the Lake[…]

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 Clubs and River Information

Fishing clubs and river information:
-Housatonic Fly Fishermans Association,
Offers winter fly tying classes for a nominal fee as well as a winter expo and in season activities. They also do an annual river clean up on the river. A guide entitled Fishing the Housatonic Trout River Trout Management Area is available from the club. This is large water fly fishing for trout at its best.
A river report is provided by Housatonic River Outfitters,


-Farmington River Anglers Association, FARMINGTON RIVER ANGLERS ASSOCIATION – Fishing, Fly Fishing, Connecticut, Trout, Conservation, Anglers

The Farmington is a destination trout fishery offering excellent year round fishing. It is fed by a bottom release dam which provides the upper river with cold water right through the summer. An excellent river report is provided by

A book entitled A Guide to Fishing the Farmington River is available for sale.


Connecticut Fly Fishermans Association-CFFA
A fly fishing community based in Connecticut. To promote the pleasures and traditions of fly fishing and to conserve game fish waters. A friendly club that offers activities throughout the year.


Thames Valley Chapters of Trout Unlimited, Trout Unlimited: Thames Valley Chapter
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For those living in the eastern part of the state, a nice club that hosts many events throughout the year.


Hammonasset Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Hammonasset Chapter of Trout Unlimited
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Great Resource Guides

Fly tying information:
Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, www.catskillflytyersguild,org
They have been promoting the traditions of Catskill fly tying for many years.

Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum,
A complete educational center located on the banks of the Willowemoc River. Many fly tying demonstrations are given throughout the year as well as information on bamboo fly rod building. A fantastic organization!

LL Bean Guide to Fly Tying by Dick Talleur
Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris
Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Tying by Eric Leiser and Matt Vinciguerra

Recommended DVD:
Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur(from the How to Fly Fish Series)

Resources for getting children involved:
First Cast:Teaching Kids to Fly Fish by Phil Genova
(A complete course in teaching fly fishing and fly tying to children.)

Fly-Fishing with Children:A Guide for Parents by Philip Brunquell, M.D.
The Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fly Fishing by Tom Rosenbauer

A very special resource for younger children is the It’s All About Fly Fishing;Activity and Coloring Book by Nicole Seymour available from the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.

Upcoming Fishing Events in the area.

To submit yours, please click the “Post Your Event” button in the top right corner of the calendar, enter your event details and we’ll be in contact soon to confirm.


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