From First Nation to Colonization...the evolution of industries and the growth of cities...our part of New England played an amazing role...and we celebrate it!

A friend of iCRV and Professor at University of Hartford, Wick Griswold, tells us the value of history is if you know where you came get a better idea of where you can go...and we much we take it to heart in a series of great programs and features and promotions. 

From the lessons learned from First the colonization of the River that started in the early 1600' the struggle for independence...subsequent wars...and the role of our area in regional, national, and international trade and industry...we have so much to learn about our past.

Be part of the journey...we promise we have experts who are passionate and fun..and make the journey exciting...we think you will love where we live...a little more...enjoy!

Talking Points from the Henry Whitfield State Museum

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on: Mar 10, 2020

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