World Fish Migration Day

Category: Outdoors and Nature

on: Mar 21, 2018

Click on Connecticut to find the events that may be near you.  This is a global celebration that happens only every other year…to find out more, go to the site and listen in to DEEP Outdoors on Wednesdays at 8a.

World Fish Migration Day in CT 2018

Migratory fishes include the diadromous species that move between freshwater and saltwater and back to spawn are critically important to our ecosystems, our economies, and our quality of life. They were hugely important to Native Americans and early colonists of Connecticut but were decimated by the construction of dams, which blocked the migrations. Many groups are working together to restore runs of migratory fishes. Learn more and see the fishways that have been built to get fish around dams. And visit a site where a dam was removed. Come see how beautiful the restored site is. Below are the descriptions to fourteen sites where events will be held on World Fish Migration Day, April 21, 2018.