There are three things important about our advertising for merchants:

  1. We feel merchants are a vital part of our community and should be able to speak directly to the community. The ads on our station are intended to be messages straight from the merchant and not some over-produced image spot. After all, who is better to promote a special cuisine than the chef or owner? A deal on a new car than the dealer himself? Advertisers will come to our studios on 108 Main Street in Ivoryton and we will record you. We will even help write the copy. Convey your passion, advertise on iCRVradiosm and be part of our Mission.
  2. Having a commercial is one thing, having it run many times (with frequency) is as important. iCRVradiosm prices its advertising so frequency is affordable.
  3. PLUS with any monthly ad schedule of $250 or more…we find ways of getting you contextually involved in our programs and studio segments…so you can be more engaged with our audience…



  • Radio spots
    • Thirty-second (:30) ads (and our average commercial is about 62 seconds…so we are not counting here) start at $15. Recording of ad is free. Minimum schedule is ten spots.
    • Monthly ad schedules of $250 or more would have a unit rate of $10.00 per thirty-second spot. website

  • Display
    • Online display of ads can be medium rectangles or banners, and start at $25 a week.
  • Merchant Event Listings
    • Merchants can list their events in the highly promoted merchant events calendar for only $5 a week. 
    • For an additional $10 a week, your listing can be enhanced with an Audio Plug: a fifteen second promo recorded by you that resides within the web listing.
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