The Mission

In the fifteen-plus towns that comprise the lower Connecticut River Valley, not one town has everything, but the bundle of all the towns boasts everything and more.  Our mission is to celebrate this incredible region we call home.  We celebrate it by providing residents, merchants, towns and non-profits with a real-time, twenty-four hour daily, and very interactive media platform entirely dedicated to exploration and discovery in our special part of New England.

Discover. Do.  This is what our content is all about.  We do not do news and we do not do politics. We facilitate exploration. We facilitate discovery.  We facilitate merchant introductions, experiences and value. We share residents’ feedback. We help promote local causes and events. We help residents find great experiences. 

Our mission and platform are reflected in our logo…where a “new media” antenna signifying web connectivity honors the rustic rootedness of community symbolized by the weather vane.  This blend of community commitment and new media access is iCRVradiosm.

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