Our Service Area

What some may call the Lower Connecticut River Valley, we call the Coastal River Valley (the CRV in iCRVradiosm), where the binding powers of the water, be it from the River or the Sound, create a pocket of great towns, each with their own flavor but all with a uniting sense of community.

From Middletown down to Old Saybrook, Madison up to East Lyme, iCRVradiosm celebrates that sense of community by offering residents throughout the area a means of getting fresh perspective and real-time updates on happenings, events, merchant offerings and more. 

While the web and mobile app are important pieces of our platform, each with great resource, there is something very powerful about the aural medium, where urgency and emotion can be conveyed so much better than in any print format, and so much more affordably than television.  That is why we like to call ourselves iCRVradiosm: The Stream Feeding The River Valleysm.

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