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 Welcome to iCRVradiosm – The Stream Feeding The River Valleysm  

First…be sure to give us feedback…send us a note at…and visit us at our new studios at 108 Main Street in Ivoryton!!!! There is room for a studio audience!!! ..if you want to call…studio line is now open….at 860.526.iCRV..

We are LIVE from our studios at 108 Main Street at Ivoryton starting at 8a….

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*Remember…iCRV Radio has the best music in the Northeast from independent artists that come out of…come to..or are just popular in the Lower Connecticut River Valley…enjoy the music on iCRV Radio…

iCRVradiosm is an internet radio station founded to facilitate discovery and commerce in the Lower Connecticut River Valley. With its streaming audio, web, and mobile platforms, the station activates its “Discover. Do.” mission by introducing consumers to the wide variety of activities, events, clubs, and merchants that make our part of the world so special.




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